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SWOGA is the class I never thought I needed in my life. This yoga will get your heart beating as soon as you get there and then have you so relaxed at the end making you love every second of the whole class you just did. Such a great fun way to get rid of stress and learn more about yoga. Not only is it now my favorite type of yoga but I’ve found a new favorite teacher!! I love Amanda’s energy and support throughout the whole class her attitude makes you wanna come back every week❣️.

Amy R.

SWOGA Yoga 5/5⭐️
Loved Tiffany’s classes! I’ve never really done yoga before these classes, but I tried it out and I really enjoyed the style of the class. You sweat like crazy, lose a lot of calories, and have fun at the same time! Tiffany’s also willing to change up her class based on what you want (Ex: I wanted more HIIT workouts and she did just that for me). She always asks after each class what people liked and didn’t like or what they want more of so she can change her classes to fit her audience. I highly recommend this class if you are looking to lose weight and have fun in the process, and if you are looking for an instructor who cares a lot about her students and wants them to enjoy their workouts to the fullest. 

Jenna G.

SWOGA allows you to not only stretch and test your flexibility but also gain muscle strength and durability. After attending several classes I’ve definitely seen a difference with my ability to hold poses for the amount of time needed instead of taking a break after a while. Each class is created with a new mix of poses and exercises (the playlist each week is stunning) and you’ll have the ability to challenge yourself more and more each week! 

Lili H.

Great and lovely workout for mind, body & soul. I have never taken a SWOGA class before in my life and I love every time I visit I get the fix I need. Each instructor who leads these amazing classes are so energized and humble. They are amazing instructors and the music is amazing.  I highly recommend! 

Leismary H.

I like how she acknowledges the fact that not everyone is yoga “savvy” like being flexible, etc and says to be within our comfort zone. The music selection is pleasing because it makes the class go by quick, as in you're so busy having a good time you don't notice that it's already over. I go back because I enjoy the burn. Her strategy with workouts is 10/10.

Amy G.

I’ve always known that yoga was good for your body but never could stay interested in it. SWOGA is so different because it keeps you moving the whole time and I always feel stronger and stretched out when I leave. I love this class so much and never get bored of it. I wish I could go every day!!  

Lauren D.

 love, love love SWOGA!! I'm not a yoga person, tried it several times and just not for me. This however is amazing!! Who knew I could burn 700 plus calories doing yoga!! The music, the moves and of course Tiffany Zakka makes this an addictive class. Tiffany helps you with the moves, guides you and is so upbeat you can't help to be motivated. I know if you try it once you'll want to do it again and again!

Michelle B.

Class was so great yesterday! I needed SWOGA after a few months of travel and moving and I felt like a new woman in the class. I couldn't stop smiling (and sweating). I'm so excited to come to class on Thursdays and get to know the SWOGA LIFE!

Jessica C.

I’m not going to lie. At first yoga interested me, but I never really became passionate about wanting to attend each week. I liked the calmness of it, but I also felt like I’d need to workout after so I could get a good sweat in. But with SWOGA, I get amazing music, a good cardio workout, and a great blend of upbeat and relaxing movements. 

Michael H.

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